Rehabilitation as the most sustainable action of caring for the planet

Time passes for all and buildings are no exception. Rehabilitating an old house is much more than giving it a layer of paint; It is giving it life again, healing the wounds and rejuvenating it to enjoy it again. Doing this recovery with healthy, sustainable, closed-cycle materials that do not pose an added burden on the planet is the purpose of all sustainable rehabilitation. At Espinosa Arquitectos we understand that doing so is the only possible way. For example, the traditional construction of stone and wood is very reliable and durable, and once recovered with the appropriate maintenance and protection measures, it offers a warmer welcome than materials with a high degree of industrialization and a lot of energy.


rehab 2Rehabilitating is recovering

An old building and modern needs are not incompatible. A stone house, for example, can become more comfortable than a modern construction, installing efficient enclosures and taking advantage of the thermal inertia of the walls. Knowing the structure of the site, with its adapted and efficient solutions, gives us sustainable rehabilitation guidelines.

We respect the soul of the building and its surroundings and integrate it into the modern requirements.

We take care of and protect traditional materials. Ceramics, terrazzo, marble, noble wood ... We know how to rehabilitate old houses, giving new life to these classic elements. Take a look at some of our Rehabilitation Projects. And, of course, contact us.


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