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We need a legal framework as a common reference for all projects to protect the safety, health, use and accessibility of the occupants



Everything perfectly documented

Architecture is not only a drawing: it is necessary to document everything exhaustively. For this reason, we are capable of providing all the technical documentation that is necessary in any area related to the architecture.

We make Habitability Reports, first and second occupation, horizontal divisions, georeferenced cadastral reports, real estate valuations, Energy Certificates, all with rigor and speed, making those procedures that may seem complicated to become easy and accessible.

We also elaborate budgets of any type, measurements, calculations of steel, concrete or wood structures (in this image you can see a calculation of a house in Austria)

In short, all kinds of reports, calculations and certificates required for a multitude of efforts. Whatever you need, we are ready to do it. Simply contact us



Study of architecture and interior design. Experts in urban planning and sustainability. We create habitable spaces that are respectful with the environment


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