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A building is more than the amount of the materials that comprise it, just as a book is more than a bundle of papers wound up with each other. The Architecture consists in giving life, sense and humanity to the spaces to make them habitable


Creating Architecture since 1980

40 years ago, Santiago Espinosa settled in a small architecture studio in the Plaza Constitución in Benicarló. After moving to the new location on Calle Valencia, the firm continues to offer its services..

The studio, now integrated by a team of three architects, is as always offering quality and professionalism to the clients of Benicarló, Vinaròs and Peñíscola.

All these years working provide an experience that you will hardly find in another office. At Espinosa Arquitectos we have experience in all kinds of projects, from small houses to ESO institutes for 500 students.

But we not only do projects of all kinds: we offer construction management services, installations, reports and consultancies of all kinds.

And we have also specialized in Bioclimatic, Bioconstruction and Passivhaus housing, to respond to a demand that is increasingly sensitive to the environment and healthy environments.

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despatx1980 compressorStudio of Espinosa Arquitectos from 1980 to 2001
despatx2001 compressorStudio 2001-2018
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