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The interior is more than the sum of the container walls

The facade defines the outer image, the interior is more than its simple adverse. Beyond the decoration and choice of concrete furniture, interior design is defined by its surfaces, colors, textures, shapes ... In addition, this finish often gives the measure of indoor air quality , for polluting emissions of surfaces. Because a building is not just a roof on four walls, the interior is more important than the outside.


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Interior design, the inner soul of space

If you think that in the finishes and interior equipment of a house you should not be less demanding than in the construction itself, you are right. In the same way that there is clothes that we like and clothes that do not, the choice of finishes and furniture in the home furnishings should satisfy the customer's tastes. But it's not just that. The balance between healthy spaces, utility, aesthetics and harmony of the whole set is fundamental. If you want to dress your house inside and want good advice, call us. But before you can go through our gallery to see some of our interior design projects.


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